English Honors 10

English Honors 10
Lord of the Flies rocks!
This is my English Honors 10 blog. Right now in the month of March we are reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding it is an awesome book that should be read by everyone. Its that good! There are so many symbols to find, its almost exciting. There are so many meanings to this book with the allegory having to do with moral, political, philosophical, and religious. Its really good. And are savvy oh so wise teacher led us up to Lord of the Flies with the reading of Night by Elie Wiesel and the movie of Swing Kids.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things Fall Apart Part 2 Questions

1. He took them because he kill a sixteen year old boy, and it was a crime against the earth goddess to kill a clansmen. That is why he had to flee to his "motherland." Okonkwo is in despair because seven years is a long time and he wanted to be one of the lords of the clan. He thinks his personal god of Chi was not made for great things. His mother's brother Unchendu talks to him about his despair. He tells Okonkwo that he doest have it that bad saying that some are banished for life that living in your motherland isn't the worst thing that can happen. Okonkwo has to move on and not let his sorrows kill him.

2. Abeme was wiped out. A white man appeared in their clan. the Oracle told them that the white man would bring destruction and turmoil. So they killed the white man. For a long time nothing happened. One day at the market when everyone was gathered three white men came with a large group of men and they surrounded the market. The began shooting. Everyone was killed except for a few that stayed home that day. Uchendu, Okonkwo's uncle, says they were foolish for killing something that said nothing. Saying there must be something horrible behind the silence. Okonkwo thinks they were fools also that they knew ahead of time of the danger and that they should of armed themselves with machetes and guns. That they should of gone armed to the market. Well in some way they are both right. I think Uchendu said the wisest thing, they should of never killed the silent white man. When Uchendu says, "there is no story that is not true" I think it means that there is no rumor that is not true. All the rumors the stories had to start somewhere had to be true at some point.

3. Obierika came the first time to Okonkwo in exile to give him his cowries that he got from selling Okonkwo's biggest yams. Also to tell the story of how Abame got wiped out. The second time Obierika came to tell Okonkwo that the missionaries had come to Umuofia and that he had seen Nwoye, Okonkwo's son, had been among the missionaries. They had built a church, won some converts, and were sending evangelists to the surrounding towns and villages. Nwoye's was captivated because it answer some questions he had. The hymns answered the question haunting his soul, the questions of twins crying in a bush and of Ikemefuan who was killed. He felt relief from the hymns. At first they brushed the missionaries off saying they wouldn't last. Then they let them build a church on the grounds of the Evil forest. They thought the missionaries would die in a matter of days,, but they lived. The missionaries started getting more followers everyday. The clan was worried, but not to much. The people attracted to these missionaries are the efulefu, a worthless man, women that borne twins, babies the were born twins, and osu, outcasts. Okonkwo after he found out about Nwoye at the missionaries was furious. He grabbed Nwoye by the neck and shook him ferociously, and he beat him heavily with a stick. After Nwoye left Okonkwo wondered why he was cursed with that kind of son. He was furious that he wanted to wipe out all the people at the new church.

4. The new church had a few problems early on. The first was that the village assumed that it would not survive, but they lived and got stronger. Some of their men were beaten until blood streamed down their face. Another of their issues came to if they should emit outcasts into the clan. Their fine with the Christians in their midst because they havent done anything to harm them. The first and the most big difference is the god. While the Igbo people have one supreme god and many lesser gods, the Christians have one god.

5. The umunna sees many changes. They say that the younger generation should come together. That they should have strong bond as kinsmen. He is telling them they don't know how to speak with one voice. Telling them that they all should be united. They fear that they will not be united. Because they are separating and look what has happened a abdominal religion has settled on their land.

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